Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Banging in Bangor - Greta Van Fleet Rocks the Cross Insurance Center

Score: 91/100 
Release Date: 8/2/23
Genre: Rock

On a cool October evening in Bangor, Maine, the Cross Insurance Center buzzed with the vibrant sounds of the soulful Greta Van Fleet. 

First up was Robert Finley, a blues and soul artist, who wowed the audience with his powerful vocals and impressive guitar skills. His music transported everyone to the classic blues era, leaving a lasting impact.

Following Finley, Houndmouth brought indie rock vibes to the stage, getting the crowd dancing and singing along. Their harmonies were tight, and they seamlessly switched between upbeat tunes and heartfelt ballads, showcasing their versatility and infectious enthusiasm.

Finally, the much-anticipated moment arrived as Greta Van Fleet hit the stage, delivering explosive rock anthems. The audience was immediately captivated by frontman Josh Kiszka's soaring vocals and the band's exceptional musicianship. 

Greta Van Fleet’s performance cannot simply be classified as classic rock. It is a testament to their own unique talent, which infuses a fresh, modern edge while paying homage to their blazing hard rock influences. 

From the rootsy blues of Robert Finley to the high energy of Houndmouth, the night reached its crescendo with the explosive rock of Greta Van Fleet. It was a concert experience that exceeded all the audience's expectations.  

- Tom Endyke | Guitar & Pen

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